Wow. Just... wow. Thanks! - Boise Website Design
Erstad Architects recommends, reviews Icon Design and Pamela Myhre after having worked together for over 19 years.
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erstad recommendation email

Wow. Just… wow. Thanks!

Well, this is a pretty nice way to start the week. Andy Erstad forwarded us the email he sent in answer to a prospective client who had inquired about Erstad Architects’ experience with Icon:

“Icon Design has been working with erstad ARCHITECTS (me and my team) for 19 years, establishing our brand imagery, updating it to be relevant with current media, and guiding our media development along the way.  It is funny that this request came today as we were just discussing her ongoing work with our website (she was in the office yesterday afternoon.)

See (above in red) for additional comments.

I could not give her a glowing – enough recommendation – perhaps our nearly 20 year partnership will speak volumes.”